Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

From someone who only attends the parties for the ummmm……..booze and food!

That being said……I’ve made a delicious recipe I found on Pinterest…….my other interweb bff.

The recipe I ventured to make was of course, football inspired and meatless.

Yeah, I know. How annoying?!

But, not everyone enjoys meat and this way you can sneak in your daily dose of something delicious and healthy!

It’s super great. It tastes amazing and everyone can enjoy it.

Tab this under vegan.

Tab it under, almost healthy.

Share it with your friends.

Pull it out of your hosting party tricks bag.

All you will need is…..

1 head of cauliflower (the recipe said something like 5 cups……and I was fine with two cups of cauliflower)!

A pinch of pepper!

A pinch of salt (I used sea salt and then a tiny bit of Mortons salt).

1 tablespoon of melted butter (I used earth balance which is animal product free)!

2 tsp of garlic powder (my other cooking bff).

3/4 cups of hot sauce (I used crystals hot sauce because I don’t know anything about hot sauce……other than sriracha)!

Mix all the ingredients together and coat the cauliflower.

Coat your baking pan with olive oil (even out with a spatula)!

Take your coated cauliflower and distribute onto the baking pan.

Bake at 400 degrees F (for about 15 minutes).

The recipes calls for 20 minutes of baking time….. but at 15 minutes the cauliflower was browning to a slow burn.

Let cool.

Serve…..but with forks and pair with your favorite dipping sauce.

This version of a “wing” is a bit on the softer side, since this recipe did not call for flour to coat it.


Again, I hope you all have a great Sunday and a fantastic and productive new week ahead.

You can do it.

(This recipe was posted by via Pinterest)!

Recipe from miss frugal mommy is linked below.


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